The privacy of all persons who use this website is very important to us. We shall not disclose or forward personal information regarding any members of families who enrol for the Oral Health Promotion Program to any person who is not involved in the administration or conduct of the Program.

Do we retain emails received from you?

We receive and reply to all emails from users.

Links to other sites

Our website does not have links to other websites. Neither the Director of the Oral Health Promotion Program, nor any other person assisting the Director in the conduct of the Program or Clinical Investigation, shall disclose or forward any personal information relating to participants of the Oral Health Promotion Program to persons / organizations / companies who might seek to purchase such data for marketing purposes.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Changes will not be undertaken during the duration of the Oral Health Promotion Program and Clinical Investigation. The current version of our Privacy Policy as set out herein will be maintained on our website so that participants in the Program / Clinical Investigation remain aware of the data we collect and how such data is used and protected.

Further Information

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, comments or would like more information concerning privacy issues.

Participate in the Health Promotion Program & Clinical Study

If you have a question, please follow the instruction on Page 1 of the explanatory brochure and email your query to

Please also include a telephone contact number to enable the Clinical Director to speak to you if your query cannot be answered briefly via an email response.