• Clinical Research in Early Childhood
    The Director of the Oral Health Promotion Program invites you and your family to be one of 2000 families with a newborn child from Perth and Bunbury participating in a world-first clinical study to add further data on the New Preventive Dental Care.

Parents want the very best for their children, especially a lifetime of good health without need for treatment. As an expectant mother, you and your family are invited to contribute to clinical science by participating in a health promotion program aimed at disease prevention.

‘Baby’ teeth need to be protected as they are emerging. Decay-causing bacteria from a mother’s mouth and possibly also from a father’s mouth & siblings’ mouths are transferred to baby’s mouth during cuddling & kissing. 

Parents who participate in the Oral Health Promotion Program will be advised how to minimise numbers of decay-causing bacteria in their mouths to protect their child’s first teeth. The key to a child having decay-free permanent teeth relies on the primary teeth remaining decay-free. This is an important objective of the Oral Health Promotion Program.

Parents who implement the New Preventive Dental Care soon after birth of their baby will give their child the best possible chance of avoiding decay and the need for repair-type dental treatment throughout life –

  • no needles
  • no general anaesthetics
  • no drilling and filling
  • no steel crowns
  • no extractions
  • no porcelain crowns
  • no bridges
  • no implants
  • no high dental bills.

Parents of infants/toddlers participating in the Oral Health Promotion Program can expect their child’s primary teeth at age 3 years to be healthy. This expectation is based results of the Clinical Director’s ongoing parallel Program/Investigation now in its 9th year – children aged 7 to 9 years are completely free of dental disease – refer to clinical photos on Page 2 of the 4-page information brochure.

The Health Promotion Program & Clinical Study involving 2000 children from Perth and Bunbury will provide important data to add to existing data from the ongoing clinical study involving a smaller sample. We hope you and your family can participate in this worthwhile world-first public health endeavour.

The New Preventive Dental Care Oral Health Promotion Program has the Ethical Approval and support of St John of God Health Care.

St John of God Health Care
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Big Kids & Little Kids Toothpaste

Participate in the Health Promotion Program & Clinical Study

If you have a question, please follow the instruction on Page 1 of the explanatory brochure and email your query to npdc@iinet.net.au.

Please also include a telephone contact number to enable the Clinical Director to speak to you if your query cannot be answered briefly via an email response.